Start of Something New.

“How can we say that it’s really the right time? What if’s has been bombing my mind for quite a while.”

One cloudy afternoon, tired of browsing over my Facebook account, I began thinking – is this the afternoons that I want to have not just today but for the days to come?

Don’t get me wrong, I work, work hard, but on a timezone where most of the people are at rest and asleep, but I feel that sometimes I am also at my best in afternoons like this.

I’ve been on the same work for more than 5years, a job that I didn’t choose but was available. Nowadays, in order for you to survive, your dreams are often set aside and would pursue what is offered in front of you.

There are a lot of things that I’m thankful for with the job I currently have. I gained knowledge from a field I know nothing about. I met few good friends that I hope would last a lifetime. I was able to use some benefits that the company provides, became a responsible individual despite my young age and provided well for my family.  I’m thankful, but is this really what and where I should be?

Take that small step, leap.

For quite a while, I’ve been keeping myself busy from time to time. Read a lot of inspiring stories from people from nothing to everything, people who made it big after all the struggles they’ve been through, so I started searching for other options where I can earn and do what I really want. I want to own my time. I want to earn better. I want to try something new. I want to explore possibilities and challenge my full potential, I want to search or my dream and take a leap.

Prepare yourself, be ready, save and before making the leap try to answer your what if’s. if it’s worth it, go for it. If you want to stay at your safe zone, so be it. As for me, I’ve started my journey, a small leap of faith has been passed. I’m just waiting for the rest to unravel and come true. I’m not in a hurry, I more of the slowly but surely type, that works for me. Find what would work for you and seek guidance from people who inspire you. Packed with all the knowledge and experiences learned from the past to the hope of what tomorrow will bring, goodluck and start chasing those lost dreams you once had, I know I’ll get there, so can you, soon.

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Here I am, watching cartoons again. Funny thing is that sometimes you find more lessons to learn watching cartoon movies than the usual movies nowadays.

sharks taleThere’s this one that thought me not to be afraid of being yourself, Shark Tale. It has been common for us to do what others are usually doing. The expectation to be alike of them is high that when you do something different compared to others makes you odd. But in reality, why can’t we just accept each other for who they are and what they want to be? Ain’t that a more accepting environment? As long as it doesn’t affect other people, hurting others, why don’t we give each other a chance to be what we can all possibly be?
I would want to be accepted for all I am, I know you do to.


Frozen, a very popular one. I’m actually delighted to know that this is one of the favorite movie of the kids nowadays but I hope it’s more than the actions and songs that makes it popular among the young. It’s loving your family, valuing your relationship amongst them before others. I believe that friends and relationships are important, but the affection, time and love coming from your own family is beyond compare. Being with them from the start of your life till the end, saving you if you need help and just being called family is a blessing, so let’s not take those precious people in our lives for granted. Go ahead and give a peck on your old folks, hug your sister and give a five to your brother, ain’t that fulfilling?

trollsWe sometimes feel that our happiness needs to come from others to confirm that we indeed are elated. But like the Trolls movie, you don’t need to eat a troll to be happy, you just need to open your mind and accept that happiness is a choice, if you choose to be happy despite whatever situation then good things, positive aura will come. Just remember to help yourself and do what you can. Remember, your partner is always the stronger version of yourself.

moanaMoana, who here haven’t seen that movie? Seeing Dwayne do the MTV got me hooked already but above all it teaches us one of the most valuable lesson that is relevant as of the moment, protect, love and care for mother earth. Whatever abuse and trash we do will come back to us in no time. Everyday is a chance to do something good not just for the environment but for every living thing that surrounds us.

Sing_(2016_film)_posterHere comes Sing, it’s one of those movies that would exude positivism out of every situation you may have. Life will not lead you to a very comfortable and safe environment always, there would be times that it will shake you big time but what you just need to learn is that nothing is impossible with a determined heart and actions made by a creative mind. We must try our best to see the things we neglect around us that often are those that could help in those trying moments.
Be open with changes and search for people that have the same dreams and aspirations in life. Get rid of those who are just there who wants to silently see you fall. Positive crowd would leads to a positive environment that you live with everyday.

There are still alot but for now these movies tops my chart, go ahead and munch on that popcorn and feel the good vibes in watching those worthwhile scenes.

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