In Depth.

“Believe that with high hopes and strong faith we can all be successful and happy by being the best version of ourselves.” -Nikki

Everything that I am and will be is a part by part story of my past, present and future.
I grew to become a responsible person as a result of being a breadwinner at an early age. Even when I was young I learned to understand on what should be considered as priority in life or not, be brave, bold, strong -audacious.
At present, I try my best to give my self a break, travel, learn and explore experiences, events and everything that is viable to become and achieve the future self I want to be.
I yearn to have a simple, contented future and I’ll do what it takes to make that happen.

My description can be considered serious but I’m a fun loving person balanced with a hard working mind and heart. I live to be of help not just for my self but for the people I care and love. I believe that everything will have it’s purpose if it’s meant to be shared, not kept within you alone.

If you reach this part of the page, thank you for taking time to read. I appreciate it.